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Signs of Hearing Loss

Causes Of Hearing Loss

Did You Know?


  • More than 11% of the US population has hearing loss that affects their everyday life. Hearing loss treatment can help.
  • Nearly 35 million Americans suffer from hearing loss & millions of people wear hearing aids to help them hear better. They include presidents, actors and actresses, heads of major corporations, athletes, and people in all walks of life.
  • Regular exposure to loud noise(s) may accelerate hearing loss. The risk intensifies with greater decibel levels and longer exposures. Noise levels of 80 dB & higher can put your hearing at significant risk.
  • The noises and sounds that you hear are actually a blend of different pitches or frequencies. Some sounds are high pitched such as consonants ‘f’, ‘s’ or ‘t’. Others are low pitched, such as vowels ‘a’ and ‘u’.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

What Is An Audiogram ?

  • An audiogram is the product of a hearing evaluation. More precisely, it is a graphical representation on paper, showing the specific pitches (frequencies) and loudness (intensity) level that a person can hear in each ear.

What should I do if I think I have hearing loss?

  • First, don’t delay!  Tell your doctor so that he can test your hearing or refer you to an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist that can perform hearing testing.  This will determine how much loss you have, where in the auditory system the loss is and whether or not hearing aids will help you hear well.  Hearing loss treatments do exist to increase your quality of life.

What is the best way to talk to someone who has hearing loss?

  • Start with getting the person’s attention by saying their name.  Next, face the person so that they can see your face.  Then speak clearly and naturally.  They may not even know they are showing signs of hearing loss.

Aren’t hearing aids really expensive?

  • We have a wide variety of technologies to choose from, which gives us many different price ranges to find exactly what will work for you.  In fact, when calculated over a five-year period, the average cost of a hearing aid is 60 to 80 cents per day.  That is less than the cost of a candy bar.

Do people like their hearing aids?

  • Our patients tell us that they do not just like, they LOVE their hearing aids.  The overwhelming majority of people that we have fit with amplification use their hearing aids every day, with typical usage of 8-12 hours per day.