A growing body of research on the link between hearing loss and heart health makes a visit to your hearing care professional a positive step to take for both heart and hearing health.

The American Journal of Audiology reported that the negative influence of impaired cardiovascular health on both the peripheral and central auditory system has the potential to affect an individual’s capacity to hear. The same study found that a healthy cardiovascular system – a person’s heart, arteries and veins – can have a positive effect on hearing. Lifestyle behaviors that affect the heart also impact hearing. A higher level of physical activity and consumption of omega‐3 fatty acids have both been shown to benefit cardiovascular health and lower the risk of hearing loss.

“The clear link between hearing health and heart health is a powerful reminder that Hearing Care is Health CareTM,” says Steve Mohink of AAA Hearing Aids in Bronx, NY.  “A hearing check should be part of everyone’s regular physical exams. If you already suspect that hearing loss may be affecting your day‐to‐day activities, schedule a more thorough hearing evaluation. In a single office visit, we can typically evaluate hearing health and if there is a need, work with you to select and trial a hearing solution.”

Mr. Mohink is among the hearing health professionals participating in “At the Heart of It. . .We Put People First”, a national campaign sponsored by Oticon, Inc. to raise awareness of the link between heart and hearing health. During February and March, a portion of the proceeds from every Oticon Opn hearing aid fitted by AAA Hearing Aids will be donated to the American Heart Association to fund life‐saving research.

With Opn, people can easily connect to their smart phone and listen to TV and music directly through their hearing instrument. Opn is also the world’s first hearing aid to connect to the Internet via the IFTTT network. Opn can be programmed to talk directly with doorbells, smoke detectors and other popular “smart” devices via the Oticon ON App.  The Oticon ON App allows you to adjust volume, switch programs and more.

For more information of heart and hearing health and Oticon Opn hearing solutions, contact Steve Mohink at 718-502-6461 or online at www.aaa-hearing.com.

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