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Oticon Opn is now Rechargeable!

The Oticon Opn - The World's first Internet-connected hearing aid is now rechargeable.

More Styles, More Features, More Opportunity
The Oticon Opn miniRite hearing aid is now available as a rechargeable hearing solution.  We have the ability to turn any Opn miniRite hearing aid into a rechargeable solution by simply exchanging the battery drawer. The popular miniRITE, new miniRITE-T and powerful BTE 13 PP and newest Tinnitus SoundSupport and Speech Rescue LX features are available in all Opn performance levels.

The Ease of All-day Power
With the easy-to-use charger, Opn miniRITE can now be powered throughout the day by simply placing the hearing aids in the charger overnight.  The rechargeable solution give our patients maximum flexibility to interchange the rechargeable 312 batteries with disposable batteries if the user forgets to recharge the hearing aids overnight. It is estimated that one pair of environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries can save approximately 150-200 disposable batteries per year.

The Oticon Opn can be experienced at AAA Hearing Aids in Bronx, NY.  Call us today to try one of these now amazing new hearing aids and improve your quality of life.