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The Oticon Opn - The World's first Internet-connected hearing aid

At AAA Hearing Aids we understand the problems people face with a hearing loss and thus continuously strive to make things better and easier for them. The new Oticon Opn hearing aid has revolutionized the way hearing aids work. This amazing new technology has helped people with hearing loss to better understand their surroundings with minimum effort exerted on their part. This new hearing aid employs an ‘open sound’ approach in order to manage and work around multiple voices and sound sources, even in the most complex listening situations. This hearing device device scans your environment 100 times per second to analyze and separate the multiple sound sources. The best thing about this hearing aid is that it filters out the most important sound sources, so that the background or environment noises are accessible, but not disturbing.

Instead of processing all the noises in the background, it allows you to focus on specific noises and voices while still being able to hear the muffled sounds in the background, making you stay aware of your whole surrounding. For instance, if you are conversing with a single person at a party, you can focus on what he or she is saying, while still being able to hear the rest of the chatter. Not only does this hearing aid make your hearing better and more efficient, but it is also easier on your brain, since you do not have focus as much in these challenging listening environments. According to research, users of this hearing aid device have reported to have put in 20% less listening effort. In a nutshell, this new piece of hearing aid technology allows you to listen more naturally, in order to give you a more enjoyable lifestyle.

The Oticon Opn hearing aid device is wireless and easily connectable to any mobile phone or tablet. You can now also turn your hearing aids into headphones to enjoy high quality music or watch your favorite TV shows. The remote control for the hearing aid is as small as a car key, so you can easily carry it to control your hearing device. This remote will help you adjust the volume and control different channels. You can also control your hearing aid via an app in your smartphone. The app will allow you to adjust volume, switch programs and check battery levels. Similar to an iPhone, there is also a feature to find my hearing aid.  This way, if you lose it, you won’t have much trouble finding it. This new device is compatible with all Apple products including the smart watch.

This hearing device is the first hearing device to connect with the Internet, allowing you to expand your network and aid you in living a normal lifestyle. Now you don’t have to worry about missing anything; this device will help you hear and experience all you want. Not only you can use it as headphones to listen to music, but this new hearing device allows you to control your lights, home alarm system or smart thermostat and other smart home features.

Given the information and testimonials by users it is clear that this new device is the future of hearing aids. Not only does it improve your quality of life, but it also has a positive effect on your health. Now you don’t have to spend all your energy trying to listen is challenging hearing environments. The Oticon Opn is now available and ready to be fit at AAA Hearing Aids in Bronx, NY.  Call us today to try one of these now amazing new hearing aids and improve your quality of life.