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Oticon Ria - Now Available

Newest Hearing Solutions Get Back to the Essentials of Better Hearing- AAA Hearing Aids Bronx, NY 

“People with hearing loss struggle to interpret sounds and often have to guess to fill in the gaps, which can be exhausting,” says Steve Mohink of AAA Hearing Aids.  “Fortunately, today’s modern hearing solutions provide a clearer, richer sound quality that allows people to more easily engage in conversations, even in noisy situations. And the improved sound quality means it takes less effort to understand what is being said.”

For Bronx, NY residents who want to experience the benefits of the newest hearing solutions but hesitate because of budget considerations, Steve Mohink, LHIS, has good news. He is among the first hearing care professionals in the US to offer the exclusive audiological features in Oticon Ria, a new hearing solution from leading hearing instrument manufacturer Oticon, at an affordable price. Until now, such advanced technology features were available only in the company’s premium Oticon Alta and advanced Oticon Nera hearing solutions.

“New Ria provides excellent sound quality and gives people the freedom to focus more easily on sounds that they want to hear, even in restaurants, social gatherings or other noisy environments,” explains Mohink.  “In addition, Ria’s advanced technology significantly reduces interruptions caused by distorted sounds or annoying whistling.

”Hearing is an extremely personal experience, and Mohink notes that it surprises many to discover that no two people hear sound in exactly the same way. Mohink can customize Ria to meet individual needs and sound preferences. “I play sound demos to get input from my clients about how they like to hear sounds and then adjust Ria to match personal sound preferences,” Mohink explains. “The combination of personalized performance with excellent sound quality provides all of the essentials needed for a more satisfying listening experience.”

Like Oticon’s other advanced technology hearing solutions, Ria features built-in wireless connectivity. With the addition of Oticon ConnectLine, the hearing aids can be transformed into a wireless headset to connect wirelessly with landline and cell phones, digital office phones, TVs, MP3 players, video chatting and streaming, teleloop, FM systems and more.

Oticon Ria is available in small, discreet styles to suit a variety of hearing and lifestyle needs. For more information about hearing health, the Oticon Ria family or other Oticon products, contact AAA Hearing Aids at 718-502-6461 or visit www.aaa-hearing.com.